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Consumer Choice Marketing: Pros and Cons vs. No Investment MLM Energy Opportunity

The Consumer Choice Marketing opportunity is another of many for deregulated energy.  Founded in 2008, Consumer Choice Marketing (CCM) is based in Toledo, Ohio. The founder of Consumer Chose Marketing is Doug Teskey. Doug has 8 years of experience as an energy broker. He formerly was a pro-hockey player!

There are many positive aspects of the Consumer Choice Marketing program. You may be looking to build a substantial, long-term residual income. If so you will most definitely want to compare Consumer Choice Marketing to other options, especially the newest no investment energy opportunity.consumer choice marketing

Overview of the Consumer Choice Marketing Opportunity and Business

Consumer Choice Marketing is similar to network marketing companies like Ambit, ACN, 5Linx and Momentis. It markets a variety of home services like: internet, cable TV, wireless, VOIP, home security, electricity and natural gas. Overall, Consumer Choice Marketing primarily focuses on energy.

In 2012, Consumer Choice Marketing forged an alliance with IGS energy, a top supplier in the United States of natural gas and electricity.  By this alliance, Consumer Choice Marketing now markets and brokers energy in 28 states.  Consumer Choice Marketing provides services to residential and small businesses as well as large commercial properties through its brokerage group. So there are a lot of options with Consumer Choice Marketing.

There is a $369 fee to join Consumer Choice Marketing as in independent broker and a required $39 monthly maintenance fee. (Check the company website for up to the minute fees.)

The Consumer Choice Marketing Energy Opportunity

The Consumer Choice Marketing opportunity with energy is structured with a direct sales/network marketing model.  The comp plan offers independent reps five basic ways to make money. It provides additional bonuses at the Regional Director level.

Overall, the comp plan appears to be a fair one.  The monthly residual for personal sales production is better than many companies. However, you can find other direct sales opportunities that pay a higher monthly residual for commercial electric accounts.  While Consumer Choice Marketing pays a high monthly residual for residential accounts, be aware that other energy companies also pay a customer acquisition fee or advanced residual commission in addition to the monthly residuals. This can double the payout and deliver more money upfront. Also, some companies have a compensation plan that increases the monthly residual payout for 100% renewable energy and certain promotion ranks. This results in residual payouts of $1 or more per month.

How easy or difficult will it be for you to create a substantial residual income with the Consumer Choice Marketing program for energy? 

This depends on how much selling you do yourself and the number of personal accounts required for you to earn the residuals you desire.  If you like direct sales, Consumer Choice Marketing is probably good for you.

The other question you might ask is how committed and how successful do you think you’ll be at recruiting and retaining reps? (Keep in mind that you have to convince prospective reps to spend $369. They need to become “customer qualified” and keep up with monthly fees to avoid falling out of qualification for you to get paid.)

If you are looking to build a massive broker/rep organization with thousands (or tens of thousands) of energy customers in your downline that earn you overrides and residual income, you will want to consider some other options. The best is the no investment option.

The Advantages of the No Investment Model in Energy

In evaluating Consumer Choice Marketing, the entrepreneur needs to be aware of the new trend towards a no investment network marketing opportunity.  Keep in mind that energy is a product used by everyone regardless of financial, social or ethnic background. So why limit the business opportunity only to people who can afford to invest and take a risk?

Instead of following the regular network marketing model that rewards reps for their talent in recruiting other reps, who pay a fee to join, the energy company that launched the no investment network marketing model created a plan that is truly viral. With no financial barrier to entry for independent reps (the only requirement is that they need a customer), it is much easier to build a massive organization of thousands of customer reps.  Join this with a best in class comp plan that pays upfront and residual income for personal production; a fast start bonuses, and overrides on your downline, and you have an explosive opportunity to build a substantial business. 

Leader reps in my no investment energy opportunity have built downlines of 10,000 – 30,000+ customers in under two years. They receive overrides and residual payouts on customers to infinity.  I have been in the business for 20 months and am realizing growth that is heading towards similar results.  I can testify that the No Investment network marketing opportunity in energy works and pays.  The company was recently reviewed by Forbes magazine and honored as one of the most promising companies in America.

If you appreciate leverage and earning significant income from the work of others, you will surely want to check out the No Investment Energy Opportunity,  just as you are evaluating out Consumer Choice Marketing.


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